Young People Must Vote

The voice of the youth must be heard in this General Election argues Joshua Akinboro

Great Britain is holding a General Election on the 12th of December 2019. It is being held due to Boris Johnson wanting to get enough MPs in his cabinet to give him greater support for his Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, enabling Britain to leave the European Union.

The main reason why I believe that it’s critical that we as young people vote in this General Election is because it gives us the perfect opportunity to directly contribute to the governing of this country, which will  inevitably affect our livelihoods now and in the future. It’s a platform for us to express our concerns and choose a leader who will address those concerns appropriately.

Students have to pay back expensive university loans... with average student debts around £50,000. 

I completely understand why many young people decide not to vote. We often share the view that politicians are untrustworthy and manipulative, making a declaration to successfully address the issues that we endure purely to gain our votes and then disappointingly and perpetually fail us. Additionally, it’s viewed among many young people that the policies politicians institute do not cater for or help us, not having our best interests at heart, consequently not being appealing. For example, students having to pay back expensive university loans is a major problem for young people, with the average student incurring debts of up to £50,000. 

Furthermore, there are several challenges that young people go through: it is getting increasingly difficult for young people to buy houses as they are getting more expensive; there’s a lack of job opportunities with high levels of unemployment among young people; there’s a lack of funding for mental health services which many young people need and there’s no government intervention for the problem of climate change, which many young people see as a crisis.

Considering the multitude of issues that young people face that’s not resolved, it’s understandable why we have little faith in politicians and hence why we don’t vote for them. The Conservative Party had previously tried to make it harder for young people to vote by initially setting the date of the General Election on the 15th of October, preventing university students from registering or casting their votes on time. However, such attempts need to be counteracted.

It’s vitally important that we, the young citizens of this country, fulfil our right to vote now more than ever or else we’ll create a generation of non-voters, damaging our democracy as it would limit our ability and freedom to choose our party and Prime Minister.  So, let us use this tool at our disposal to make a change that matters not just for us but for the entire country.