“This alumni event was helpful, reassuring and inspiring”

Year 13 Grace M attended JHN’s alumni event and was hugely impressed

Ann Matthews (second left) with Anita, Carlos, Laurenz and Ronan

The stresses of exams and A-levels in Year 13 can be hard enough without the added pressure of uncertainty in my future, which is why this Alumni Evening proved to be so helpful, reassuring and inspiring.

Throughout the Alumni Evening the speakers gave detailed insights into the various stages of their journeys from A-levels and degrees to their impressive roles. This was very enlightening – the alumni linked qualifications to seemingly unconnected careers. Listening to the experiences of those who were once JHN sixth formers was inspiring. These talks helped me understand that while planning for the future is important, you can never anticipate the opportunities that will arise. I was excited by the possibilities I could seize in the future.

Advice from JHN alumni was much more valuable than anything you can find online

The more recent students were also able to give a good insight into how they handled their own applications and journeys. They also gave advice on what they would have done differently and what has worked out for them. In addition, the many knowledgeable guests answered any questions regarding university life such as student finance and personal statements. The evening also showcased alternatives to universities, such as courses in fashion, apprenticeships, routes into the police force and much more. I found these talks fascinating and the personal insight from these alumni is much more valuable than anything you can find online.

Overall this evening was extremely informative and all the many guest speakers, as well as those on the stands, were warm and helpful! I would recommend the evening to anyone who may be looking for any guidance or simply wants to just ask a few questions. Don’t miss the Alumni Event in 2020!