Theology Day at Cambridge

On 30th January, Rihanna White (11TA) and Josh Akinboro (10BE) attended the “Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion taster day” at Girton College, Cambridge.

The event was open to Year 10s and 11s from schools and colleges across the country and was aimed at introducing the study of the subject at university level and included taster sessions by university academics designed to inspire and enthuse students who will soon be considering their A Level choices.

Rihanna and Josh were nominated by their teachers. Josh described the sessions as being “diverse.

It wasn’t only about religion but about all the big questions in life like somebody’s purpose or if there

is a God. You are talking about ethics and philosophy as well and so that is a platform to really open

yourself to people and share your views passionately.”

Josh stated he would encourage others to go on the course and he wishes the “valuable skills”

inspired by the subject would be taught lower down in the school. Theology, Religion and Philosophy

of Religion is not only the understanding of the history, development and practice of different religious

systems. It is also the examination of religion in relation to other areas of life, such as Literature and

Science, as well as the consideration of a wide range of ethical and philosophical issues that impact


Rihanna and Josh were lucky to have such a great opportunity; they wanted to thank their teachers

and Girton College for organising the event.