The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge

This brilliant, dark, thrilling, utterly original book. Everyone should read The Lie Tree writes Francesca Sciangula.

From the first page of The Lie Tree I was hooked. The language is evocative and all the chapters have intriguing titles, like Exiles and the Giveaway. It’s about a girl, Faith, who is trying to discover how her father died. Soon enough, she discovers the unbelievable secrets hidden in her house. You can picture the detailed settings in your head and share Faith’s many and varied emotions. This book so imaginative that you feel you are there in an amazing adventure. I liked to read this book in a quiet place so I wasn’t interrupted by any noise and could delve into Hardinge’s world.

This book is amazing; you’ll embark journey that you will never forget. It will propel you out of this world. If you are angry, happy, sad or whatever mood you are in, you will love The Lie Tree.