The Generation Evolution

It is reasonable to argue that our generation of young adults and children have slowly but surely evolved.

You clearly would have observed the difference in responsibilities given to children today which, greatly

vary to those given to our grandparents - yet perhaps not for the better. Two generations ago children

were left to roam the streets unattended, to fend for themselves, whereas today’s generation can be

found cowering indoors after their parents refused to allow them outside to meet their friends.

The question I would pose here is, why? Surely the stress of suburban England cannot be more

dangerous now than they were during World War II where bombing raids were frequent and it was

dangerous to stray too far from a shelter, can they? It is time for you as respectable and wise parents, to

take initiative. If your children do not learn to live, to get by in the world now, when will they? If children

are not trusted and respected by their own parents, they will not grow to be stable, accomplished and

balanced members of society. Instead, they will be helpless, unwilling and withered, which is not the type

of adult you want to be raising I’m sure.

It has been noted by several psychological surveys and observations that those children who are not

exposed from a young age to adult responsibilities are less likely to become emotionally independent,

which can be linked to the increasing amount of adults who are remaining in their parent’s homes beyond

the age of maturity. Undoubtedly, you feel that children are the greatest gift imaginable however I am

fairly certain that many of today’s families would not have enough money to support their children until

they’re middle aged.

Take action now! Let your children go out, let them have fun, let them experience the outside world! Let

them make mistakes so that they can grow and become mature and responsible adults.

After all, if they don’t learn now, when will they?

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