Snow White and the Seven Students

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

‘Snow White & the Seven Students’ is just what we would expect from a staff panto: a funny and clever parody of an age-old tale and the school itself. The staff continued the tradition of dressing up and making fun of themselves all in the name of charity and it’s safe to say they did a great job of it.

The story follows Snow White at a ball as she meets Prince Charming. Unfortunately, she is banished from her village by the evil Queen Beryl to the dark and dingy town of St. Evenage, full of chavs looking to cause mischief. Luckily, Snow White comes across two students who bring her back to the John Henry Newman School, where we are introduced to seven students: Seven, a short Year 7 girl; Eight, a caricature of a Year 8 pupil; the flirtatious and smooth-talking ‘Nine’; Ten, a rather dim Year 10 student; Eleven, a very grumpy Year 11; and two sixth formers, Twelve and Thirteen. With the help of Mr. Matthew and other staff, Snow White becomes a student of the school and joins the students. However, Beryl and her assistant sneak into the school and poison Snow White’s Pasta King, which she ends up eating, leaving her in a coma. Luckily, Prince Charming comes along and kisses her awake and they live happily ever after, as the tale goes.

"The less said about the flossing, the better."

One key moment of the show was the amusing introduction of each student, as they were presented to the audience in a smart parody of a bus-full of students arriving at Student Services. The audience got a feel for the personalities of each character as they signed in late and it was an interesting way of establishing major characters in the play. This was an interesting part of the show as it provided intelligent parodies of each ‘type’ of student at school while developing key characters in the show.

Another key moment was when Prince Charming met Snow White, as it set up a key plot point that ran through the panto. It also meant that there was someone to rescue Snow White at the end and provided character development for both characters, as Snow White fell in love while Prince Charming came to terms with being a chav and tried to change himself, exemplified through his song. We were also treated to Mr Flain’s brilliant musical abilities .

At the end of the show, Snow White is poisoned. This scene is hilarious while also providing the climax of the show. A Gordon Ramsey cameo fits perfectly within the scene and Beryl’s attempts at poisoning Snow White are highly comical and the scene provides a fitting and fairy tale end to the story.

The largest audience reaction came unintentionally as Father Phillip, the narrator, opened the scene by mistakenly calling his granddaughter, played by deputy Head Girl Izzy Nowosinska, ‘grandfather’ and although he carried on struggling with his lines throughout the scene, he broke the fourth wall to ask for his seat to be spun around so they could restart. The funniest moment of the scene came after a good few minutes of Father Phillip struggling to read his lines, causing him to be rather flustered, only to put the story book containing his lines down, look up at the audience, shrug and say, ‘it’s a tablet’: a joke alluding to his age. Quite rightly, Father Phillip received a huge laugh from the audience and a big round of applause for his very sharp improvisation.

Overall, the show was hilarious, witty and heart-warming. The panto was filled with smart pop culture, John Henry Newman references and covers of classics such as Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, Right Said Fred’s ‘Too Sexy’ and Pinkfong’s ‘Baby Shark’. The less said about the flossing, the better.