Should We Be 'Gateful'?

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Over October half term, the school began installing gates and fencing around the school’s perimeter.

The first students to witness the new additions were the Sixth Formers who had been on the Russia

trip, with their initial reaction being slight bewilderment. The following week, when school resumed,

there was a similar atmosphere of confusion from many pupils: why had these gates been installed?

“I don’t really see them as necessary, I mean no one wants to come into the school with criminal intentions, we’ve never had incidents like that before... it’s annoying.”

Although this may echo the thoughts of many students, the gates are here for our protection.

Without proper fencing, the school is left open to unwanted troubles, such as wild animals. This

actually happened in 2013 when a Shetland pony escaped and paraded around the field! Thankfully,

no-one was injured.

So now, we are now kept protected from intruders and dangers, within the confines of the grounds.

Schools are legally responsible for the safety of children within teaching hours. So, if you look at the

bigger picture, whilst the gates seem pointless to some and are maybe even an annoyance to a few,

they are actually here for our safety and wellbeing. We are gateful for them!