People versus Robots

Have we fully considered the extent to which we rely on robots in 21st century culture?

Robots make our everyday lives easier, either by doing most of the work themselves or by just doing it all, saving us the time and stress of trying to do things ourselves.

This is especially true in modern day society, where machines can usually do the job better than any human could. This has begun to cause many problems, the biggest of which is unemployment or loss of jobs because it is more time-efficient to have machines completing most of the work with a few people controlling them than having larger groups of workers doing the same job more slowly. It’s also cheaper as machines don’t need to be paid and can work all the time, resulting in more manufacturing and greater profits. In some cases, machines have fully taken over, completing the jobs which were done by people a few decades ago, in areas as wide-ranging as from factory workers and cashiers to film projectionists, switchboard operators and lift operators.

Others worry robots will cause a reduction of jobs as humans are replaced by technology

Another significant problem is the safety of having robots undertake tasks for us, the biggest concern being their role in driverless cars. Sensors can tell where other cars or obstacles are located but many people are opposed to letting a machine drive them from place to place. There is a slight risk of something going wrong with the car, like with all machines, but in a car it could be potentially extremely dangerous. Another reason people prefer to drive themselves is because, while the concept of driverless cars might be tempting, they don’t learn from experience like people do, meaning that they wouldn’t learn from past and future mistakes and are more likely to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

However, the debate continues: many say we need more robots to increase manufacturing, others worry it will cause a reduction in jobs as humans are replaced by technology. Either way, technology is the future… but how much should we use it and how much should we try to be self-reliant?

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