Mr Luvva, Luvva

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Aside from being a dedicated student and set to gain a place at a top university, Year 13's Lewis Frame has one secret we can now exclusively reveal... He is the John Henry Newman School's very own Casanova!

During KiSS week, cunning cupids from the Sixth Form team delivered red roses to sweet hearts for a charity fee. Love was in the air at JHN towers as students received these romantic red roses.

However, for lucky lad Lewis his rose collection did not stop at one, two, three or even four. He received no less than five red roses from admirers. Some in his form, 13CE, suggested he may have dipped into his own pocket to finance these flowers, but that was perhaps jealousy.

"Lewis is the John Henry Newman School's very own Casanova!"

Newsman caught up with one of Lewis' secret admirers who cooed, "I love him and it was a wholesome act." Which, readers, I'm sure means a lot to this young lady and Lewis, but very little to your humble news team.