Another Brilliant KiSS Week

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Speaking to Tom Ronayne (13CE), he raved about the success of KiSS Week 2018, as well as explaining what motivated him to take a leading role in helping out with a range of events. As we saw, KiSS Week was extremely successful again this year, due to both the money raised and the overwhelming participation of staff and students.

Tom explained how Mrs Howard had praised the Head Girl and Head Boy Team’s ability to grow into their roles and become closer throughout the year despite coming from different friendship groups. The Team often felt the pressure but were able to remain well-organised, using the motivation they gained from their life-changing experiences in Uganda.

Tom says that every HGHB Team strives to make more money than the previous year – though that

will be difficult for next year’s team as this KiSS week raised over £32,000! He also commented that the

Team were incredibly grateful for help from students and teachers alike which made everything a lot

easier for them and ensured another successful and memorable KiSS week.