A Right Royal Show

‘Six the Musical’ is a fantastic show about the wives of Henry VIII writes Rose Taylor. This modern adaptation follows a competition between the six to see who will become the front woman to their group. This show had both its good moments and its great moments, so here are six reasons to see ‘Six the Musical’.


The writers (Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss) wrote the show while sitting their final exams at Cambridge University. This does not say anything about the show, but you have to admit it’s pretty impressive.


The show is a feminist adaptation on a very patriarchal era of history. There’s great musical numbers about the hardships the queens each faced. Towards the end of the musical they acknowledge that without Henry VIII, they would not as famous. My favourite song is ‘Six’ where they sing about a world ruled by them not Henry.


The writers paid attention to the little things. Both Katherine Howard and Anne Boleyn wear chokers, which doesn’t seem very significant until you realise they were both beheaded! They added some Spanish dialogue for Catherine of Aragon and German for Anne of Cleves as neither were Native English speakers. They also made Katherine Howard’s character slightly more immature than the others, reminding you she only around seventeen when she married.


The songs just fit the queens perfectly. Anne Boleyn’s song is upbeat and sassy, despite the fact that Henry VIII wanted her beheaded. This perfectly represents Anne Boleyn as she was such a key figure head at the time and the Church of England was created so that Henry VIII could marry her. In contrast, Jane Seymour’s song is slower, more heartfelt, reflecting the tragedy of her death caused by childbirth and the upsetting idea that without her son Henry VIII’s love for her may not have existed.


This show is unique. The idea of a historical musical has been done before with ‘Hamilton’ and ‘1776’ (set in the times in which the historical events occurs) but not this. ‘Six the Musical’ is set today, creating a unique twist to the historical musical.


It’s an all-female cast and band. The band is on stage with the queens and plays each of the songs. They themselves get a shout out at the end of the show as the queens perform ‘Mega-Six’ a mash-up of all the songs. This occurs after their finale ‘Six’, the most empowering number (in my opinion). You’ll simple love this show.

Watch Six the Musical at the www.londontheatre.co.uk until July 2020